Motorola: 'it doesn't matter what camera your smartphone has'

This integration aims to save on battery drain, effectively making the Moto X last longer than its rivals, although you're still required to touch the screen to see information on your latest communication.

Motorola Moto X

TR: It's only an icon, so doesn't tell you any more than a coloured LED. How does this beat the competition?

MN: "When you get a new notification pulsing on screen you can tap the icon and it gives you a preview of the message.

"We've found a number of examples where this will save time and battery. Take a meeting for example, and you're getting emails through all the time, you may be waiting for that one important email.

"Rather than having to power your phone on, push your code in and check your emails, you can just tap the email icon and it gives you a glimpse of who it's from and whether it's the one you need to read immediately."

Not about the spec

TR: Is the Moto X now Motorola's flagship device in the UK?

MN: "For us both the Moto X and Moto G are equally important. We've found the Moto G has resonated really well because of everything it can do at its price point and it's doing very well for us.

"The Moto X delivers different experiences to a different part of the market and for us I wouldn't say one is more important than the other.

"Generally with flagships they are phones with the highest spec, but you can see from the X and the G we're not just cramming all the latest spec in and having a flagship phone which costs £600.

"We're really about speaking to consumers, finding out what they need and then providing tailored solutions for those needs."

TR: Is Motorola looking at wearable technology and tablets?

MN: "A year and a half ago, before Motorola was acquired by Google, we had something like 39 products in development, but since the takeover we have really stripped that back to focus on the Moto X, Moto G and some Verizon phones in the US."

"We really scaled back our portfolio and focussed on delivering experiences and re-energising our brand. As we go through the next year we'll build upon that with other new products, but certainly right now our focus is on smartphones and then building from there."

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