Microsoft is about to kill Windows Phone, claims bold new rumour

Windows Phone
Microsoft may soon drop Windows Phone for Android

Microsoft is going through some big changes right now: it just sold part of Bing Maps directly to Uber and it seems like Windows Phone may soon be up for a change as well.

Rumours are suggesting Satya Nadella and his Senior Leadership Team are discussing the option to drop Windows Phone from the mobile phone line and smaller tablets.

According to leakster MSFTNerd Twitter account Microsoft would instead offer Android with particular apps and services pre-loaded.

Take all this with plenty of salt, but it wouldn't be the most unlikely thing to happen - especially as it comes just days after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent staff a mission statement affirming that the company must "make some tough choices in areas where things are not working."


Microsoft previously made a deal to pre-load services on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge including Skype, OneNote and Office apps.

The new rumours suggest Microsoft and Google would partner in a deal that would see the latter develop specific versions of Google Maps, YouTube and Search for the Microsoft desktop OS.

When we reached out to Microsoft for comment, a spokesperson confirmed the company doesn't comment on speculation or rumours.

Some may see dropping the Windows Phone platform as admitting defeat but a focus on apps and services may be what the company needs right now.

Microsoft is going through some tough restructuring measures right now but dropping Windows Phone all together is a drastic step.

Although not released under Microsoft's reign, the Nokia X and Nokia XL were the first Nokia devices to run on the Android platform and we've yet to see a follow up - could it soon be that all Microsoft devices are running Google's OS?

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