Look out Apple and Samsung! Huawei seeks global takeover in 5 years

Look out Apple and Samsung! Huawei confident of taking top spot in 5 years
Huawei plans to rule the world in five years

Chinese communications giant Huawei has predicted it could be the top smartphone vendor in the world within five years.

Speaking at MWC in Barcelona this week, Wan Biao CEO of Huawei Devices said his company can repeat the astonishing rise of Samsung and Apple over the past half decade and even usurp them in the near future.

Biao believes that handsets like the impressive Ascend P2 announced this week are just the beginning as Huawei looks to build on its roots as a dominant global player in mobile infrastructure.

He told the Telegraph: "If you look back five years ago, Apple is small, Samsung is not so big. You can't see where we'll be in five years. At least top three. Maybe number one."

New flagship phone incoming

Huawei already has a relatively firm grip on the bottom end of the market, but to take on the might of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S ranges, Biao knows blockbusting, groundbreaking handsets must follow.

He added: "Our philosophy is that, within any one price segment, Huawei's the best one. And in the price segment of the iPhone, second half of this year, we have a new flagship, targeted at the higher end."

Do you think Huawei can overhaul the likes of Samsung and Apple within the next five years? Or will the continued global cynicism over alleged international espionage through its close ties with the Chinese government prevent the company taking a firm grip on the western market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Via Telegraph

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