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LG's GD910 watch phone priced at 'only' £500

The LG GD910 watch phone - finally coming to the UK!
The LG GD910 watch phone - finally coming to the UK!

Orange has announced the price of the LG GD910 watch phone, the mobile it will be stocking exclusively in the UK.

It's 'only' £500 (which is a huge amount, but still cheaper than many were expecting), but that looks like it may only be a promotional price.

Starting 27 August, Orange will be offering the wrist-mobile on a first come, first served basis to those that desire the chance to chat to their arm.

There will also be a 'limited number' available via the Orange online shop too, should you be too lazy to wander into London in the wee small hours.

Cheaper than expected

We spoke to Orange, and it appears the £500 price point is on Pay As You Go, which is in stark contrast to the €899 cost of the GD910 in France (which appears to come with a contract as well... are we Brits getting a very good deal indeed or was something lost in translation?)

The news of the lower price is going to help the cause the GD910 greatly in the UK, as it was already being written off as an expensive novelty before it had even debuted here.

But now £500 puts it alongside other high end smartphones, which means it might gain a lot more acceptance than previously predicted.

If you're interested in being one of the first to pick up the LG GD910 in the UK, then pop on down to the flagship Bond Street Station store in London next Thursday - we'll be there to see how many people want to chat to their wrist, so don't forget to say hi!