LG G Flex arrives in UK on December 20, but you can't have it yet

LG G Flex arrives in UK on December 20, but you can't have it
So close, and yet so far

EE has confirmed that it will be displaying (yes displaying, not selling) the curved LG G Flex in the UK from December 20 in a handful of stores.

The rather odd move from the network will allow customers to go to one of 10 EE stores to get hands on with the G Flex ahead of its official European launch in 2014 - but you won't actually be able to take one home, so put your money away.

The LG G Flex will work with EE's 4G and double-speed 4G network, while the unique elastic coating on the back of the handset sports self-healing properties allowing it to absorb minor scratches and nicks.

When, where, how much?

For those of you screaming "shut up and take my money", EE has confirmed the LG G Flex release date as February 2014 for the UK, although pricing will be revealed nearer the time.

The LG G Flex is already available in certain other countries, so the delayed release in the UK is already a little disappointing and the teasing of the phone in a handful of stores may only infuriate those desperately seeking a bendy handset further.

If you fancy checking out the G Flex before it goes on sale then you'll need to head to Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent; The Trafford Centre, Manchester; The Merryhill Centre, Merry Hill; Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield; 40-41 Lions Yard, Cambridge; 209-210 Western Road, Brighton; 16 Clumber Street, Nottingham or one of three EE stores in London - Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford; Westfield Shopping Centre, White City or 155/157 Oxford Street.

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