iPlayer for Android gets Jelly Bean support

iPlayer for Android gets Jelly Bean support
iPlayer for Android - flashy

As promised, a new version of iPlayer for Android has hit Google Play making the mobile catch-up TV service compatible with Jelly Bean, now known as BBC Media Player.

The app has had a behind-the-scenes overhaul to make sure it can work with both older, Flash-based Android iterations and the brave new Flash-less world that is Android 4.1.

To do this, the BBC has created the BBC Media Player app, which allows handsets to play the Flash-based video content on BBC websites through a spot of clever redirection.


Not all the videos across the BBC websites and iPlayer are compatible with the app just yet, although the BBC has started rolling out updates so the error messages should lessen over time.

The BBC's way of getting around Android ditching Flash is to use the Adobe Air-based Media Player app.

Unfortunately there's still no sign of iPlayer downloads coming to the Android app yet, something that iOS users have smugly been enjoying for some time now.

Android users can download the app from Google Play now.

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