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HTC One Verizon release date, news and features

HTC One Verizon
Verizon copped to carrying the HTC One - eventually

Well, the information has arrived. The HTC One is coming to Verizon on Aug. 22, priced at $199.99 with a two-year contract.

Verizon tweeted the news on Aug. 16, letting Big Red customers know the flagship will be available then online and in stores. The One will have access to Verizon's industry-leading 4G LTE coverage, the tweet reminded us.

There's no word of a color variant coming, and with Sprint nabbing an exclusive red color we're left to wonder if Verizon will ever move beyond the silver sheen.

The phone will come with 32GB of internal storage and run a more up to date version of Jelly Bean than we've seen on other Ones, Android 4.2.2.

HTC One Verizon

Below you'll all the latest details on the HTC One Verizon.

Verizon customers, mix some Bloody Marys, buy some red streamers and party hats. You've got reason to celebrate because the HTC One is finally coming to Big Red.

Why are we so excited for you? Only because the HTC One currently sits atop our best smartphone list, and now it'll finally be available on one of North America's largest carriers.

HTC One Verizon: release date

The HTC One Verizon will go on sale and in stores Aug. 22. Verizon changed its tune from a tweet that told us "this summer" to a specific date. Thanks, Big Red.

The HTC One originally hit Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile in March. That makes Verizon just a few months late. Hey, better late than never: Big Red never even stocked the awesome HTC One X and its successor the One X+, instead opting for its own variant, the quite good Droid DNA.

HTC One Verizon: price

Currently, the 32GB HTC One sells for $199 with two-year contract, and $599 month-to-month. The 64GB version is $299, and $650 off-contract.

Verizon will sell the 32GB One for $199.99 with a two-year agreement. No word yet on the 64GB version.

HTC One Verizon: storage

Just 32GB, or 64GB as well? That is the question. Currently, only AT&T has an exclusive on the 64GB version, and for now Verizon is letting Mah Bell stick with its monopoly as it will only carry a 32GB version of the phone.

HTC One Verizon

Behold the microSD glory of the Asian market variant

Obviously, since we're not in Asia, microSD storage is out of the question. Only the lucky folks in Japan and China get that version, and here's why. Hint: it's due to space inside the device.

A Verizon spokesperson further confirmed Aug. 19 we received release information that Verizon's HTC One will be sans microSD.

HTC One Verizon: colors

Right now, the HTC One is available in black or silver from Sprint and AT&T. T-Mobile just has the silver version. That begs the question, what colors will Verizon stock?

HTC One Verizon

Potential Big Red One?

Silver is the only version we're seeing for now, though we're still waiting on word for a black variant and whether that elusive blue shade will ever make an appearance.

HTC One Verizon: Android version

The HTC One is a Jelly Bean device, but it launched with 4.2.1, not the updated 4.2.2.

Verizon, that lucky dog, will see its One launch with Android 4.2.2, besting its competitors on at least one front.

HTC One Verizon

HTC One Verizon: stock Android 'Nexus Edition'

Google took the phone community by surprise when it announced a "Nexus-ized" version of the Galaxy S4. That left us wondering if we'd see a stock Android version of the other favorite Android phone, the HTC One.

There was some flip-flopping; first HTC said no, then they said yes, there would be a Sense-less version of its new flagship phone. However, this stock Android device is GSM only, meaning it will only work on AT&T and T-Mobile.

Update: According to, the HTC One Google Edition launches June 26th and will be available for AT&T and T-Mobile for $599.99.

HTC One Verizon

So now we'd love to know if there will be a CDMA of this Googled-up phone. That would open it up not only to Verizon, but to Sprint, U.S. Cellular and MetroPCS, as well.

Update: We could thank the government for at least one thing in the month of July as an FCC filing for the HTC One on Verizon surfaced and was scanned over by Engadget. The device tested by the agency held model number PN07310 and came packing LTE (band 13), GSM (850/1900) and CDMA (850/1900), all frequencies welcome on Verizon.

We also see support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC, though none of that is too surprising. With the listing, we can only hope that an actual release is not too far behind.

HTC One Verizon: carrier branding

Every carrier loves to put its logo and some bloatware on your phone, and Verizon is no exception. The carrier has left its mark loud and proud on the One, placing its logo and its stylized "4G LTE" stamp on the back.