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HTC M8 incoming? Two new handsets get the green light

HTC M8 incoming? Two new handsets get the green light
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The mythical beast known as the HTC M8, rumoured successor of the HTC One, is getting ever closer.

Two as-yet-announced handsets have just been given certification by the Indonesia equivalent of the US FCC, as spotted by GSMinsider, hinting that an announcement isn't far off.

The HTC M8x and HTC D310w received their certification on January 13. It's a safe bet that the M8x is the M8 or at least a variation of the upcoming phone.

Of course, we expect that HTC will be giving the device a more attractive name for launch.

Undisclosed desires

The identity of the HTC D310w, on the other hand, is a little less certain. Right now there's speculation that this could be the next phone in the HTC Desire series, possibly aimed at emerging markets.

So when might we see these the M8 show its face? There have been whisperings that a launch is set to take place towards the end of March, though there's a chance we could see it revealed at MWC 2014, complete with a full HD display and Android 4.4.

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