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HTC Incredible will be Droid Incredible in the US

HTC Incredible - Droid Incredible to its US friends
HTC Incredible - Droid Incredible to its US friends

Update: Us Brits now have our own version, so check out our Hands on: HTC Incredible S review.

The exciting-looking HTC Incredible will be billed as the Droid Incredible in the US, where it joins Verizon's other Droid branded phones.

The HTC Incredible has already hit the news several times and will bring a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, HTC's much-vaunted Sense UI and an 8MP camera.

HTC's celebrated Desire is already doing a brisk trade in the UK, providing a very real alternative to the Apple iPhone.

Mo' memory

The Incredible brings all the fun of Android 2.1, plus 8GB internal memory and a 3.7inch WVGA screen.

And, of course a significantly ramped up camera, which will make it a popular Droid over the pond as a replacement for the HTC Desire.

However, much of the attention will be on the fact that the HTC Incredible is 4G enabled, a feature that will not be coming across to the UK because it does not be supporting the next generation network.

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