HTC Desire Z: what you need to know

HTC Desire Z: what you need to know
HTC Desire Z: The 'Z' stands for ZXCVBNM

Update: read our Hands on: HTC Desire Z review.

Capitalising on the success of the HTC Desire, HTC is bringing out two new Desire-branded Android phones - the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z.

The phone that would become the HTC Desire Z was first unearthed back in May, when an HTC model described as the HTC Vision was mentioned in an HTC device profile - a codename that didn't make much sense, given that the leaked phone was said to be an HTC Desire with a QWERTY keyboard attached. What's "Vision" about a keyboard?

Proper confirmation of the HTC Vision was then gained on July 5, with a handful of spy photos of a test handset appearing online. And yes, it is indeed the long-awaited HTC QWERTY Android phone.

HTC Desire Z specifications

This leak also gave us our first look at the HTC Desire Z specs. The HTC Desire Z's screen is the same size as that of the non-QWERTY HTC Desire, giving us 3.7" of touch space, powered by the same swift 1Ghz processor.

This early version of the handset was running an unskinned version of Android 2.1, leading some to suspect this images was a fake. But it wasn't. And we expect HTC to fully skin the phone with its HTC Sense UI in time for the HTC Desire Z release date.

The most recent twist in the HTC Desire Z saga landed on August 16 when we saw the official name of the handset appear online, via an embarrassing early product listing on Amazon, while the most recent unofficial HTC Desire Z mention came on August 20, when retailer stuck up a listing for the Android phone on its site.

The page apparently confirmed all the HTC Desire Z tech specs - 3.7" screen, 1GHz processor, full QWERTY keyboard and, slightly disappointing if true, Android 2.1 as its onboard OS at launch.

The same update also confirmed HTC's other re-imagining of its renowned HTC Desire - the HTC Desire HD. Both have been removed from the site's directory at time of writing, though.

Oh, and US readers beware – HTC is planning on launching the Desire Z as the HTC Blaze, or possibly the G1 Blaze in the States.

HTC Desire HD specs and speculation

The HTC Desire HD also has a confusing history of leaks. The phone first appeared under the name HTC Ace, and its 4.3" screen led us to expect a rebranded HTC EVO.

The Desire HD has been pictured and even appeared on a leaked video, showing a phone that actually has a similar streamlined form factor to the top-scoring HTC Desire.

The thing that's "HD" about the HTC Desire HD is the Android phone's screen, which echoes that of the US-only HTC EVO - measuring an enormous 4.3".

We're expecting official confirmation of both the HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD to arrive in a couple of weeks, when HTC shows off its upcoming smartphone range in London on September 15.

We'll be back with an HTC Desire Z review as soon as possible.


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