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HTC 7 Trophy outed as another Windows Phone?

The HTC Trophy makes its inventory debut
The HTC Trophy makes its inventory debut

If any of you have long enough memories/the ability to search TechRadar, then you might remember the HTC Trophy, which has just made another appearance via Vodafone Germany.

Last year we saw a leaked roadmap from HTC, and the main talking point there was the codenamed HTC Legend, which appeared as the... HTC Legend.

But the HTC Trophy was also in there, courtesy of XDA Developers' forum, calling it a 'productivity device', and offering a QWERTY portrait keyboard.

Tweak to fit

The other specs, a 5MP camera, 3-inch VGA screen and 1400mAh battery may have to be tweaked slightly to fit with the Windows Phone 7 - these were meant to be running the mutant Windows Mobile 6.5 OS, after all.

We sadly never got to see any pictures of the device, and the spec sheet links have also been deleted, but thanks to the Vodafone inventory listing we can see that the HTC Trophy has now been re-dubbed the HTC 7 Trophy, according to German site BestBoyz, and presumably being shown off next month.

We've already seen some other Windows Phone 7 designs from HTC, with the slide out speaker version and the more normal tablet-style offering already likely to show up - but don't forget the HTC Desire HD is being shown off later this week too.

Via Engadget