Hackers unlock bootloader on Verizon Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3
Verizon's Galaxy S3 encrypted bootloader has been unlocked by hackers

Though you can get a Samsung Galaxy S3 on virtually any carrier in the U.S. now, the only version of the phone to have its bootloader locked was on Verizon.

While there is a separate developer-only version of the phone available, which comes with a completely unlocked bootloader, most consumers won't have access to such a device.

Fortunately for those people who love to tinker with their devices and utilize ROMs and other custom software, the retail model of Verizon's Galaxy S3 has just been hacked.

With the help of some tools and a "How to" video from the XDA Developers forums, anyone with Linux or OS X can now break into the previously encrypted bootloader.

Developer model rendered obsolete?

Currently, the developer model of the Galaxy S3 will set you back $600, but with the advent of this breakthrough, there's apparently no need to plunk down that much cash to utilize the bootloader.

Despite Samsung and Verizon working together to provide consumers with a special version of the Galaxy S3, which seemingly caters to the do-it-yourself audience, it was only a matter of time until savvy hackers took matters into their own hands with the less expensive model.

Of course, by hacking your standard model, you run the chance of bricking your phone the next time it's updated, potentially voiding your warranty at the same time.

Then again, if you hack your Galaxy S3 to run custom software to start with, you probably aren't all that interested in the updates Verizon and Samsung have to offer.

Via SlashGear