Google confirms reward scheme for mobile users who agree to be tracked

Google to actually request permission to track mobile users activity?
Opting in? How novel, Google

Update: Google has just clarified that this is an existing program, rather than something in development.

It reached out The Verge to explain that existing participants are the only group who'll be taking part, so those still seeking to profit from a spot of Google snooping are out of luck.

And so much for that "rumor and speculation" line.

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Google is reportedly preparing to offer a bounty of 'rewards' for smartphone users willing to sign up for a scheme that'll track their web and app usage.

According to Engadget's sources, a so-called Mobile Meter app for Android and iOS devices will encourage folks to opt in for the initiative, which would see harvested data sent back to Google for analysis.

The report said Google will 'compensate' those users who take part in the voluntary program, but did not offer any insight into what participants might receive for their troubles.

Naturally, Google has so far refused to comment on the report, calling it "rumour and speculation."

Do Not Track in reverse?

Giving users the opportunity to opt in for a tracking scheme rather than requiring them to opt out, would be somewhat of a turn up given Google's recent history.

Users are required to wade through the Chrome web browser settings and make adjustments if they don't wish their activity to be tracked by advertisers. That's just one example.

Late last week the company also announced it was changing its terms of service, allowing it to use your face, name and reviews within ads on Google, unless you go to the trouble of opting out.

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