iPhone gaming update: more on way from Sega

3G iPhone - more games developers announce new titles on the way
3G iPhone - more games developers announce new titles on the way

Following the news that Sega’s sublime motion-controlled Super Monkey Ball is releasing for iPhone on Apple’s AppStore next month, priced $9.99, Steve Jobs also demoed a number of other new iPhone games from Sega, Pangea and a number of other mobile game publishers at last night’s WWDC event.

A number of game developers were on hand to show off what they’ve so far achieved with the new iPhone SDK, which Jobs noted has been downloaded over 250,000 times since release.

More from Sega

In addition to the aforementioned Super Monkey Ball, associate producer at Sega, Ethan Einhorn, confirmed that the company had a number of other iPhone projects in development.

TechRadar has contacted Sega’s UK office requesting further information, so we should be hearing more about planned Sega iPhone titles in the very near future.

Digital Legends

Spanish developer Digital Legends demoed a 3D action adventure called Krull, due for release in September.

Elsewhere, Pangea showed two games, Enigmo and racing title Cro-Mag Rally, which uses the iPhone’s motion-controlled accelerometer as a steering wheel, Mario Kart fashion.

MCV reports that game developers can either distribute their iPhone games via the AppStore for free or for $9.99 and that developers will get to keep 70% of the revenue, the rest going to Apple to cover mobile and online distribution costs.

Adam Hartley