Football Focus on the Samsung GALAXY S4

Football Focus on the Samsung GALAXY S4
Football Focus on the Samsung GALAXY S4

The great thing about the beautiful game is that people of all ages and from any walk of life can enjoy it.

Whether you're kicking a half-deflated leather ball around bedraggled city backstreets or watching a Premier League fixture with a prawn sandwich in one hand and glass of Prosecco in the other, it's always going to be good fun.

It could be said that today's technology – from the internet to 3DTVs and round-the-clock coverage – means that you can get your hands on more on-demand footy-related goodness than ever before.

If you consider yourself in the top flight of fans, you could do worse than checking out our top 10 football apps for the Samsung GALAXY S4 below.

Samsung GALAXY S4 football apps

Keep up to date with Sky Sports' football news app

1. Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre

Free – Get it here

If you're desperate for a smartphone app that keeps you updated with live football scores, league position standings and results, then this is the one to get.

Unfortunately the app doesn't feature Chris Kamara's perplexed expressions, but it does go to some lengths to recreate the wealth of football-related information usually served up on Soccer Saturday.

It features live scores, text commentary, league tables and match stats on every tier from the Premier League to the Scottish Third Division (as well as all of the major European leagues).

Additionally, it provides in-depth data on team line-ups, formations and calendar fixtures, and – because the Samsung GALAXY S4 runs the Android Jelly Bean operating system – you can also place a handy widget on your home screen that shows tailored, up-to-the-minute information about your favourite team. Unbelievable, Jeff!

Samsung GALAXY S4 football apps

Rise up the league tables in New Star Soccer

2. New Star Soccer

£1.99 – Buy it here

New Star Soccer is one of the top-rated football games in Google's Play store, and it's easy to see why.

Inspired by legendary '90s game Sensible Soccer, it presents various match situations in a top-down view. This could be anything from a throw-in to a free kick or intercepting a pass.

After pressing down and dragging in a direction to set power, a ball bounces across the screen, which you then kick by tapping its surface. As in real life, timing it right to strike the ball's 'sweet spot' will have you belting it into the top corner. Miskick though, and you're in danger of skying it higher than David Beckham in a European qualifier.

The game is eerily addictive, offering up a player-manager mode that sees you live the life of a footballer, increasing your skills as you go, or a quick-fire arcade mode that tests your skills with progressively tougher challenges.

Samsung GALAXY S4 football apps

Join in the Premier League's official fantasy football game

3. Fantasy Football Buddy

Free – Get it here

Fantasy football is one of many pleasures leading up to the new football season. Not only does it give you the chance to put your summer transfer window knowledge into practice, but it can lead to some truly competitive fixtures between you and your friends or co-workers.

The Premier League's official fantasy league is one of the most popular out there, and this app is dedicated to helping you wring as much out of it as possible.

Once you've signed up for an account, the app allows you to make substitutions and transfers, order subs and select vice and team captains. Moreover, you can keep track of your team's game week points and drill down into individual players' performances to see who deserves to start and who should be relegated to the bench for the next match.

Samsung GALAXY S4 football apps

Coach the best

4. Football Manager Handheld 2013

£6.99 – Buy it here

The PC has long been the dominant format for football manager games, due to its simple mouse-driven controls. That all changed when smartphones began packing bigger displays and slimmed down to become the ultimate portable entertainment device.

The Samsung GALAXY S4's 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen offers plenty of room to navigate your way around Football Manager Handheld 2013's menus, helping you in your quest to lead a team from humble beginnings to Premier League glory.