Football Focus on the Samsung GALAXY S4

The app gives you the choice of going the distance in career mode, or alternatively testing your luck in 'Challenge Mode', which offers up short-term scenarios with a specific goal in mind.

With playable leagues from 14 countries along with full player photos in this latest version, there's plenty on offer that will test whether you're a 'Special One' or a 'Wally with a brolly'.

Samsung GALAXY S4 football apps

Draw your way to victory with Football Tactics

5. Football Tactics

Free – Get it here

Whether you're an amateur outfit making its way up the lower leagues, or a Sunday League team having a casual kickabout, Football Tactics allows you to your hone your tactics by drawing markers on the pitch.

Diagrams can be as simple or as complex as you please, opening possibilities from planning surging runs down wings to marking zones on the pitch where you want to flummox the opposition with tiki-taka style passing.

Tactical diagrams can be saved for later editing or shared with team mates over Twitter. Just remember to set a lock-screen password on your GALAXY S4 in case you leave your notes behind in the dressing room, Benitez-style.

Samsung GALAXY S4 football apps

Host your own footy-themed pub quiz

6. Football Quiz

Free – Get it here

Everybody knows that the pub is the best place to go for a football quiz, but if you can't make it then you could do worse than getting some friends round, downloading this free app and hooking up your GALAXY S4 to a large-screen telly using Samsung's official GALAXY S4 HDTV MHL to HDMI Adapter (£13.75 on Amazon UK) to get everyone involved.

Football Quiz serves up fresh questions twice a week, meaning you won't be in danger of repeating yourself. It tests your knowledge on the 2012–2013 football season by asking questions with multiple-choice answers.

Once you've worked your way through the current week's quiz, you can dip back into ones from earlier in the season for extra time sessions, which should keep you going until the pies have been eaten and everyone's ready for home.

Samsung GALAXY S4 football apps

Will he, won't he? Get the scoop before anybody else

7. Transfer Rumours 24/7

Free – Get it here

If there's one thing football fans love, it's speculation during transfer windows. Often we don't even care if the rumours are true – fortunate for newspapers' sports sections, which rarely seem to get it right!

It's a good job, then, that Transfer Rumours 24/7 mines the daily newspapers, in addition to over 100 other sources, to bring you the latest transfer news and gossip on club transfer activity from around the world.

Through a combination of RSS feeds from Talksport, and Sky Sports, as well as Twitter and its Facebook page, the app retrieves potential scoops and delivers them to your phone in the form of push notifications, so you'll always be one step ahead.

Samsung GALAXY S4 football apps

Plan your moves in real time to score goals

8. Fluid Football

Free – Get it here

Like New Star Soccer, Fluid Football is viewed from above. Undoubtedly influenced by the former's style, you make players embark on runs by drawing lines across the screen to direct them.

The aim is to pass the ball around opposition players in a smooth sequence so that you end up in a position to score, without falling foul of the offside trap.

It's trickier than it sounds, requiring a combination of timing, judgement and skill, as shots are taken with quick or slow finger flicks to determine power. The game's levels were apparently designed by real-world experts to simulate pivotal moments of matches that have led to show-stopping goals.

Samsung GALAXY S4 football apps

Get fit and have fun by joining a five-a-side league

9. Pitch Invasion 5-a-side

Free – Get it here

Ask any group of men or women to list common barriers to organising a five-a-side kickabout, and you'll likely be handed a long and varied list.

Getting people together in one location can be difficult wherever you live, and even if you do manage it, finding affordable pitches can prove problematic.

These are the problems that Pitch Invasion, a company running 5-a-side leagues in the UK, sets out to solve. Its app lets you enter a team before searching for the nearest 5-a-side pitches, using the Samsung GALAXY S4's built-in GPS system.

Once found, you and your mates can view upcoming and recent fixtures as well as your team's position in the league. You can even pay for fixtures from within the app and have a receipt sent to your phone's inbox, putting an end to those tired excuses once and for all.

Samsung GALAXY S4 football apps

Get the latest info on your team with FTBpro

10. FTBpro – The Football News App

Free – Get it here

FTBpro is all about giving you access to the latest information about your club.

Dubbed 'a social platform for football fans', it runs a fine-tooth comb through the internet to bring you the latest football news, articles and tweets in a single Facebook-style stream.

In addition to saving you from trawling endless websites for up-to-date information, it also displays breaking stories by league, provides real-time standings and shows live notifications during matches.

Anything the app brings up can be shared on your social networks too, allowing you to direct articles at fellow club supporters with the tap of a button.