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Firefox Mobile on Nokia N900: first screenshots

Nokia with Firefox Mobile
Nokia with Firefox Mobile

Mozilla is planning on bringing Firefox Mobile to the N900 in the next quarter, despite the Finns' native browser already being built on Mozilla's framework.

TechRadar managed to nab some time with the new browser, and here are some exclusive screenshots of the new browser, previously codenamed Fennec, running on Nokia's new flagship device:

The browser formerly known as fennec

The Awesome Bar has been ported to the mobile server, and brings similar functionality to that you're probably used to on your full web browser to the mobile.

Awesome! firefox performing

A new trick is tagged bookmarks, so if you need a site for a certain reason you can assign it a tag. When you begin typing that tag into the awesome bar, it will bring up those options first.

Firefox - a popular browser - but can it make step to mobiles?

Mozilla's Firefox Mobile also brings gestures to the N900, meaning you can head left and right to access new menu options.

Firefox for mobile

Swiping left to right brings up your tabbed browser options in pictoral form, with right to left opening the options menu.

Firefox for mobile

Add ons are also included in the new release, which will be the first time they've been seen on a mobile browser.

Firefox for mobile - geolocation

Geolocation has been added by Mozilla to Firefox Mobile, meaning your location is added to the browser, and mobile web developers now have a new tool to play with.

We're looking forward to giving this a full hands on in the near future, and get ready for more news on the forthcoming releases for Firefox Mobile on other platforms too.