Europe to miss out on 5-inch HTC Deluxe

Europe to miss out on 5-inch HTC Deluxe
Fingers crossed we don't miss out

The recently rumoured HTC Deluxe may be about to shun Europe, as reports suggest the 5-inch smartphone won't be gracing us with its presence.

A spokesperson at HTC Germany has 'confirmed' on its Facebook page that the Deluxe, which boasts a full HD display, quad-core processor and 8MP camera, isn't set for a European tour.

Roughly translated, the post by HTC Dach reads: "The Deluxe will unfortunately not come to Europe."

It's not a myth

The HTC Deluxe already exists under different guises elsewhere in the world, which would make you think Europe had a pretty good chance of seeing it, considering it's currently in two major regions.

Over in the States it's known as the HTC Droid DNA while in Asia, where it was initially launched, it goes by the rather lovely name of the HTC J Butterfly.

Here in the UK we're yet to get any official confirmation on the HTC Deluxe's position, with a spokesperson for the Taiwanese firm telling us: "I'm afraid we're not able to comment on rumoured devices" – sad times.

From HTC via BGR