Nokia does offline internet


Nokia has bought mobile file sharing firm Avvenu, it announced today. The deal will make it possible for the mobile phone company to offer new web services, including offline filesharing.

Avvenu's existing service lets you securely access files on your computer via your mobile phone, even when the computer at home is switched off. It works with most major handsets, and has recently been tweaked to work with the Apple iPhone too.

"Avvenu's 'digital locker' file access and sharing technology allows users to search, access and share PC files remotely, using their mobile or other connected devices, even when their PC is turned off or not connected to the internet," said Nokia's Mary McDowell.

"With the integration of Avvenu's technology, Nokia will further extend its business mobility solutions beyond email to add collaboration tools that enable greater everyday productivity through access to a user's own content anytime, anywhere, from any connected device," McDowell said.