Satellite tracking for kids with PAYG service

No taller than a credit card, the GPS Person Locator from FollowUs can fit into anyone's pocket

Worried parents can now keep track of their children with GPS satellite location technology, following the release of the FollowUs GPS Person Locator .

The pay-as-you-use service from FollowUs enables UK-based users to track anyone carrying the GPS Person Locator via a web-based mapping service. Concerned parents can keep tabs on their kids' whereabouts anywhere in the world, via detailed maps they can view on a PC or a Wap-enabled mobile phone.

Users pay as they use the FollowUs location service, being charged per search. This costs from 5p to 40p a time, depending on which value tracking 'bundle' has been purchased (the higher value the bundle, the cheaper each search is).

Satellite location technology

The GPS Person Locator uses the latest SiRF III GPS chipset technology to pinpoint a position to within 10 metres, and is the length of a credit card. The device also has a panic button that can be programmed to call a particular number in an emergency. The device has a standby time of up to 18 hours with the GPS constantly switched on.

The GPS Person Locator costs £199 (plus VAT) from FollowUs. FollowUs also offers a non-GPS tracking option, using GSM/GPRS triangulation technology for less-accurate location finding (up to 100 metres accuracy in a city).

Only authorised users can track devices, and permission has to be given by the owner of the mobile's SIM card. Users get regular texts to remind them they're being tracked, to ensure their privacy isn't being infringed.