BlackBerry Aristo spec leak boasts quad-core Krait processor

BlackBerry Aristo spec leak boasts quad-core Krait processor
RIM gets high-brow with its codenames

The BlackBerry leaks are coming thick and fast this week, with the BlackBerry Aristo the latest in a string of spec-based reveals.

The handset is a super high-end affair, apparently set to come with a Qualcomm Krait quad-core processor, LTE connectivity and a 4.65-inch OLED touchscreen.

Under all that, there's 2GB of RAM as well as 16GB flash memory with a MicroSD slot, with NFC, micro HDMI out, DLNA and Bluetooth 4.0 all cluttering up the spec list.


The BlackBerry Aristo is listed as being an impressive 8.85mm thin, while it's said to be rocking an 8MP camera with 1080p video recording and a 720p 2MP front-facing snapper too.

We haven't heard of the BlackBerry Aristo before, not that that means a great deal – but it's possible that this will be a second-gen BlackBerry 10 handset.

So perhaps we'll see the slightly-lower-specced dual-core Laguna and London L-Series handsets launch on schedule in the first quarter of 2013, with the more exciting sounding Aristo landing some time afterwards.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees on this – the spec sheet could in fact be a load of old cobblers. We won't know until RIM tells us and the company is staying tight-lipped on its BlackBerry 10 hardware until next year at least.

From Rapidberry via CrackBerry

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