BlackBerry 10 SDK goes gold right on schedule

Devs have a month and a half to get apps read for launch
Time is ticking for devs

BlackBerry developers can finally get to work in earnest as RIM announces the BlackBerry 10 SDK has gone gold.

The development tools are now finalized, letting devs create apps that will run on the final BB10 hardware.

The SDK support apps created in native C/C++ and C++/Qt Cascades, along with porting apps created in Action Script with Adobe AIR, HTML5 with WebWorks and for Android devices.

The tools will make it possible for developers to implement native BB 10 features and APIs, including the APIs for the camera, notifications, push, in-app payments, and ambient light sensors.

All according to plan

RIM is right on schedule with its BlackBerry 10 plans, announcing last month that the final SDK would release by Dec. 11.

The next milestone on RIM's calendar is Jan. 21, which is the deadline for developers to submit their apps to the BlackBerry App World storefront for a guaranteed $10,000 (around £6,100/ AU$9,700) in revenue.

That gives developers a little over a month to whip their apps into shape if they want to take advantage of the generous app revenue scheme.

RIM has scheduled a Jan. 30 event to launch its long-awaited BlackBerry 10 OS, with hardware expected to follow shortly after in both touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard varieties.