BlackBerry 10.1 update preview reveals HDR camera and other neat tricks

BlackBerry 10.1 update preview reveals HDR camera and other neat tricks
What do you think BB 10 needs?

BlackBerry 10 has been around for a few months now and while it's had a couple of minor updates we're starting to learn what the first major upgrade will bring.

The folks over at CrackBerry have been doing some digging in the BlackBerry 10.1 SDK and have managed to uncover some juicy morsels of information on what the update has in store for us.

First up the camera app will be getting some love with the inclusion of a HDR mode, allowing you to take better snaps with your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10.

A World of change

BlackBerry World is also getting a small refresh, with an easier way to check for app updates - which really is a welcome addition as it's a real pain at the moment - plus the inclusion of a voucher code box, suggesting BlackBerry will go down the Apple and Google route of offering coupons in stores.

Pin-to-Pin messaging has also been added to the BlackBerry Hub, allowing you to easily send encrypted missives to your fellow BlackBerry buddies.

A number of smaller cosmetic and functional additions and tweaks will also be included in the update, such as the ability to paste a number into the dialler and new help demos when someone boots up their device for the first time.

More new features will likely surface as the BlackBerry 10.1 update approaches a release - although that date is currently unknown.

With iOS 7 and Android Key Lime Pie both expected to arrive later this year BlackBerry needs to make sure its BB 10 platform can keep pace with the dominant forces in the mobile market.

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