Become an Android Power User with the Samsung GALAXY S4

Connect them, and you'll have a cursor to move around on screen, and a keyboard to type words with. Or just hit randomly. Whatever takes your fancy, really.

GALAXY S4 Power User

Step 6: Monitor

BUT WAIT: there's more. Specifically, you can hook your phone up to an external monitor. All you need is this handy adaptor, and you will be able to plug a HDTV or computer monitor into it.

Big Angry Birds! Sorry, we meant spreadsheets. Definitely spreadsheets. Nothing to see here. Move along…

Samsung GALAXY S4 Power User

Imagine Angry Birds on this. Angry Cows, more like.

Step 7: Display Mirroring

Chances are you've got another big screen lying around your house: your TV. It should be your go-to method for showing off photos or watching videos when you're lying on the sofa, and with the S4, it can be.

If you've got a Samsung Smart TV (or Smart Blu-ray player), you can wirelessly mirror the S4's screen on the big telly. Just head to Settings > Connections > Screen Mirroring, add your display, and Bob's your blown-up-to-60-inches uncle.

GALAXY S4 Power User

Facebook Messages, as far as the eye can see

Step 8: Facebook

PCs aren't all work and no play – in all probability, most of our time on the internet is probably spent "Booking The Face", organising events and over-obsessively checking our ex's photos!

The Facebook app is already pretty darn good, but to get to Facebook Level 5,000, you should get the Chat Heads feature. Just download the free Facebook Messenger app, head into Settings, and enable Chat Heads.

These little bubbles sit on top of other windows, letting you fire off quick messages without having to leave whatever app you were already in. This way you never have to be more than a tap from your closest friends. The GALAXY S4: ensuring you'll never be lonely, ever again!

GALAXY S4 Power User

Security, and protection from those meddling corporate IT bods

Step 9: Security

So, we've pretty much made the GALAXY S4 the centre of your digital life. But as everyone from Peter Parker onwards has known: with great power, come nefarious hackers.

That's why Samsung KNOX will soon be on your S4 – a one-stop security shop that can easily make your GALAXY S4 secure enough to store the most sensitive of hush-hush corporate secrets, without completely ruining its fun appeal.

GALAXY S4 Power User

Now you actually, really have no excuse for not backing up

Step 10: Back-up

You know how you're meant to back everything on the PC up, but never do? Well, the GALAXY S4 allows you exactly the same amount of forgetfulness, without the risk of losing your files!

There are dozens of cloud storage 'solutions' out there; SugarSync, Mega and Google Drive, to name but a few. The best by a country mile though, is Dropbox: the storage is pretty cheap, but most importantly, the photo backup is automatic. Even better, you'll find that your GALAXY S4 came with a whopping 50GB of free Dropbox space.

If you ever manage to drop your S4 down the loo (a sad day for all involved) all the gorgeous Drama Shots you slaved over would be lost forever. With Dropbox, they'll all be saved in the cloud for posterity.