BBM set to land on Windows Phone 8 as well?

BBM hinted for Windows Phone 8
Is BBM really coming to all?

With BlackBerry on the rocks, BBM's botched release for Android and iOS devices last week ruining things further, news that BBM could widen its scope will be music to fans' ears.

Last week's problems started when Apple's BBM treat went live a day early, with an unofficial version leaked to Google Play making matters worse.

It would seem that this hasn't put off the team at BlackBerry, with BBM creator Gary Klassen telling The Mobile Indian "BBM will not be limited to just Android or iOS. We are open to other platforms also."

He went on to add that BlackBerry "want more are more people to enjoy and experience BBM".

Tough Market

On top of that, BlackBerry has confirmed that the issues regarding the release of BBM to Android and iOS are "still being probed" and "we are working on to address all the identified bottleneck".

OS compatabilty may be key, as BBM goes head to head with the likes of iMessage on iDevices, as well as the cross OS WhatsApp. The latter is already going strong across Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Despite the crowded market, BlackBerry will be buoyed by the news that 1.1 million users registered to download the BBM app in the first 8 hours, with 3 million registering for availability announcements.

From The Mobile Indian