A huge amount of people are kicking nuisance calls to the curb - and you can too


Back in May this year, the Telephone Preferences Service partnered with Ofcom to make it easier to get stop nuisance calls on your mobile.

The scheme, which allows you to text to opt out of annoying calls, proved to be a big success with over 400,000 people taking part.

It made the process much simpler to do than phoning a number. Some users who were familiar with the service on landline phones also didn't realise it was available for mobile numbers.

Further simplified

John Mitchison, head of the TPS, told TechRadar, "We received more than 400,000 SMS registrations since the campaign started in May, and we also made more people aware that they can register their mobile with TPS.

"The overall number of registrations was significantly up compared to what we would normally expect, which is in the region of 65,000 per month."

That's almost half a million people who were keen to get rid of nuisance calls on their mobile phone, proving UK users are still dealing with a lot of annoying spam phone calls.

If you find it a problem on your mobile, you can still take part in the scheme. Just text 'TPS' and your email address to 85095. The text is free and you'll soon receive a text confirming you're on the database.

Signing up will give you an immediate reduction in spam calls and texts, but it may take 28 days for you to be fully registered on the system and reap the real benefits.

James Peckham

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