10 unusual but cool iPhone apps

Take remote control of your PC or Mac from your iPhone with TeamViewer

It's criminal how utterly dependent you can become on your iPhone or iPod touch.

But it's not enough to simply rely on it for communication, entertainment and locating a decent pub... Oh no, now fiendish app developers have found even more ways to tie you to Apple's addictive device.

Read on for 10 more useful – if not immediately obvious – uses for either the iPhone or iPod touch.

1. TeamViewer - Free/£5.99

Need to access your home or work PC while on the road? Why lug a laptop around when you can gain remote control from your iPhone? The best app for the job is TeamViewer, as it's incredibly simple to use and connect, works with both Macs and PC, and is free for personal use too.

2. Touch Mouse – Free

Your iPhone can also act as a wireless touchpad and keyboard for your PC or Mac, enabling you to control it from any room in the house – so Touch Mouse is perfect if it's hooked up to your TV in another room, for example.

3. Handy iLevel – Free

Now, where did you put that spirit level? Don't worry about it – Handy iLevel turns your iPod into the perfect companion for putting up shelves. Just calibrate it on a flat surface and you're good to go. Upgrade to Handy iCarpenter for £2.39 to get four more useful tools: plumb bob, bubble level, ruler and protractor.

Spirit level

4. Did I Close The Door? - 59p

Did I Close The Door? may be designed for those people who keep forgetting to lock their doors, but renaming one of the presets to "Gas cooker" or "Security light" enables you to compile a checklist of important things to do before you head off to bed – or Benidorm for a week.

5. iSat – Free

Having trouble pointing your satellite dish to the correct satellite? Set your location in iSat using the "i" button, then pick your chosen satellite from the dozens listed (spanning the entire globe), and you'll be told how to align your dish accordingly.

6. PrinterShare – Free

Print photos, web pages, contacts or the contents of your iPhone's clipboard on your PC's printer with the free PrinterShare app. You'll need to sign up for a free PrinterShare account at www.printershare.com, plus download the server software for your PC or Mac. Once done, you can set up print jobs from anywhere on the internet for processing automatically or when you get home.


7. Cleartune – Chromatic Tuner - £2.39

Musicians will love Chromatic Tuner – it's designed to tune your instrument using nothing more than your iPhone's mic (it goes without saying that iPod Touch users will need an external mic), and will work with a wide variety of instruments.

8. Tree-to-Go – Free

If you're into your family history, Tree-to-Go is a must. It links in with your free online tree at Ancestry.co.uk – not only can you show off your tree to family, you can add or edit entries, plus upload photos from your iPhone too. Perfect should you find yourself in a dusty records office following a promising lead.

9. Sleep Machine - Free/£1.19

Trouble sleeping? Pop on your headphones or crank up the speakers, then launch Sleep Machine Lite or Sleep Machine Full to soothe you to sleep with a variety of sounds or chilled out tunes. Includes timer, alarm and the ability to mix and match up to three sounds.

Sleep machine

10. Torch - Free

Torch might feel gimmicky, but you'll be glad you installed it the next time you're plunged into darkness and left scrabbling around for the trip switch or fuse box.