10 things you need to know about the Lumia Denim update

6. Improved Internet Explorer

If you use your Windows Phone device for regularly browsing the internet then the numerous improvements to the built in web browser, Internet Explorer, should be particularly pleasing.

With the Lumia Denim update Microsoft has tweaked the mobile version of Internet Explorer to improve download and browsing speeds on mobile websites.

Lumia Denim

7. Improved camera

When the Lumia Denim update drops you'll notice that the Nokia Camera app is now named Lumia Camera. This change, which reflects Microsoft's decision to drop Nokia branding from its smartphones, isn't the only tweak to the camera app.

Tweaks to the image processing algorithms will give a boost to the sharpness and detail of the photos taken, giving an image quality boost to your snaps without you needing to upgrade your hardware.

Features such as auto HDR and dynamic flash have also been added to help improve the quality of the photos.

Lumia Denim

The speed of the app has been given a boost so that it takes less time to start, as well as being quicker to capture the images and take the next shot.

8. Moment Capture

Another new feature that comes with the Lumia Denim update is Moment Capture, with the idea being that you'll never miss the perfect moment to take a photo.

It's activated by a long press of the camera button, which will start the Lumia device recording 4K video at 24 frames per second.

Lumia Denim

Each frame of the video is captured as a 8.3MP shot, which enables you to go through your footage later and save your favourite frames as individual photographs.

9. Consumer VPN

Consumer VPN (virtual private network) might not be the most glamorous of features included in the Lumia Denim update but it's a feature that many of us will take advantage of.

If you often connect your Windows Phone to public Wi-Fi networks, such as in cafés and train stations, and use the connection to send and receive important data then using the consumer VPN will give your information far more security.

It makes sure that your information is safely sent and received without being seen by any malicious users. The feature has been promised for a while, and if it works well and is easy to use then it could be a real benefit to Lumia owners.

10. Text messaging, snoozing and more

There are also a number of smaller tweaks that will make using Windows Phone even better. These include an SMS text message merging and forwarding feature for sharing messages with other contacts.

Snooze customisation lets you set the exact amount of time you want to delay your alarm going off; perfect for those of us who have trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

Apps corner is another new feature that will let you create a Start screen especially for people who borrow your phone. For example if your children use your phone to play games you can create a special Start screen that only allows access to the games and apps you deem appropriate.

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