'Confirmed' Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor will sit on home button

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor will be on home button
Could it be better than Apple's offering?

When you're Samsung, you don't get to the week before the Galaxy S5 launch without springing a few leaks.

The 'if' and 'where' of a possible fingerprint sensor has been one of the most discussed parts of the S5, and Sammobile says it's "confirming" the phone will indeed come with a sensor.

According to insider speaking to the site, the fingerprint sensor won't be built into the display as a previous rumor had claimed, but will be on the home button instead – a la the iPhone 5S.

However the sensor reportedly still works with a swipe mechanism, requiring you to move your finger "from base to tip" at medium speed across the home key.

Finger swipin' good

You'll also be able to register eight different fingerprints in total, claims the same report, and assign each one a different task or app shortcut.

On top of that, you'll apparently be able to lock and unlock hidden folders using your fingerprint signature, as well as hide any apps you want to keep private.

Samsung hinted at new privacy features in an invite last week. Not long until we know how much of this is real - MWC 2014 is just around the corner.

Hugh Langley

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