Brilliant at Snapchat? This company wants to hire you


One US company has stretched the boundaries of social media by offering people the chance to apply for an internship using Snapchat.

Most people may balk at the thought of mixing business and personal social accounts, but it gives creatives a chance to show off their skillset - you're your best brand advocate when it comes to job hunting in the world of social media.

The idea from media agency Space150, while not strictly new - Netflix recruited a hire via Instagram recently - is the first time Snapchat has used geofilters to recruit applicants since they were introduced a few months ago.

Snapped up

The firm created custom geofilters for its three US-based offices hiring for the Social Engagement Intern role, encouraging local Snapchatters to follow its channel and apply for the role via a task that was later announced on Snapchat.

The task in this case was to create a Snapchat story for one of the agency's clients around the theme 2020. As the agency has some pretty big clients such as Sony, Disney and Nike, it's a huge opportunity for the would-be hires to show their skills off to prospective employers.

This is the first time we're aware of where custom filters have been used to specifically entice people to apply for roles, but we're sure it won't be the last.

Via The Next Web