PC Building Simulator lets you build a gaming PC on your gaming PC

Whatever your thoughts on the horrifically popular sumulation genre, I think we can all agree that it might have peaked with PC Building Simulator, a game in which you assemble yes, you guessed it, gaming PCs. 

The game is still early in development and sees you first choosing, and then slotting together all the components that make up a gaming PC, from motherboards to power supplies and graphics cards. 

It's pretty easy to be snobby about simulators, but there's definitely something relaxing about the laid back atmospheres most achieve. I should know, I've personally logged upwards of 60 hours driving virtual trucks across Europe in Euro Truck Simulator 2. 

A useful tool

But there's definitely potential for this to act not just as a fun game, but also as a tool for PC gaming enthusiasts. How many times have you stared at a prospective parts list without being 100% sure whether that CPU cooler is going to get in the way of your RAM, or without knowing whether that power supply is going to fit in your case?

If PC Building Simulator manages to assemble a half-decent catalogue of components then it could help in exactly those situations by allowing you to plan out a build before committing to spending a lot of money on parts. 

Or maybe you just want to zone out with a podcast and window shop expensive PC builds for a couple of hours, we're not going to judge. 

Jon Porter

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