Over the air charging across the room could be a reality this year

Wireless charge
(Image credit: Wi-Charge)

The current form of wireless charging helps us to power our devices by keeping them on a compatible charging pad. It essentially only removes the wire clutter from our eyes and can’t be termed as true wireless charging.

However, an Israeli startup is looking to introduce a couple of products that can be charged wirelessly across the room. If it goes as per the plan this would mark the debut of this futuristic tech, that we’ve mostly read about in science and fiction magazines.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Wi-Charge, along with Belkin, is said to be working to launch products that can be charged wirelessly from a distance of 10 meters.

Since this technology is in its nascent stages, it has a lot of limitations. And even though we want it, we might not be able to charge our phones on the go, yet.

According to the company, this technology will beam power to devices using IR (infrared beams). The devices that need to be charged will be required to remain fixed in one place and should be placed in a way that they have a clear line of sight to the transmitter.

While we recently saw smartphone makers Xiaomi and Motorola showing off their wireless chargers that could charge devices like phones and other gadgets across the room – however – that was just a prototype and what Wi-Charge is offering might be a real solution that we might see deployed soon.

Right out of a fantasy magazine, is it?

Imagine a scenario where you literally do not have to wait for your gadgets like earbuds, headphones, laptops, tablets, phones etc to charge up. All you do is pick them up when required and start using them. 

The solution we just discussed seems to be one massive step in the right direction and will help us realise the fantasy soon.

According to Wi-Charge, it is able to beam from 70 milliwatts to one watt of charge which would be ideal to power smart home and IoT devices rather than smartphones – at least for now.

The solution that this company is offering will help charge devices like electric toothbrushes, smart door locks, smart window blinds, remote control and more – that don’t need to draw a lot of power and are mostly fixed in one spot.

That being said, we aren’t too far from a time when we will be able to finally bid farewell to the plethora of charging cables and the hassle of charging devices repeatedly.

Jitendra Soni

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