Our next look at Elden Ring reportedly isn’t ‘months and months' away

Elden Ring
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An update on FromSoftware’s highly-anticipated action-RPG Elden Ring could be on the horizon according to a recent report.

This report comes from journalist Jeff Grubb (via VGC) who recently offered his speculations as to why Elden Ring was absent from December’s Game Awards despite walking away with an award on a recent GamesBeat video.

“Here’s one thing I’ve heard that I can say" Grubb said, "have a little bit more patience, but just a little bit more. That doesn’t mean days, and I don’t think it quite means weeks, but it doesn’t mean months and months and months.”

Grubb went on to add: “They’re obviously working on this game… they didn’t show it here, but I think they probably could have if they wanted to. I think it’s at that state. But let’s just give it a month or two more.”

Grubb’s speculation comes not long after modder and leaker Lance McDonald said (via GamesRadar) on a recent Twitch stream that based on some recent “snooping” he’s done the game is likely close to being finished and ready to be shown to the public.

So much to learn

There were some hopes that Elden Ring might make some kind of appearance at the Game Awards on December 10, especially as it was nominated for the Most Anticipated Game award, which it went on to win. However, that might have been too much to hope for as, since its announcement back at E3 2019, we’ve heard very little about Elden Ring or its development progress from official channels. 

Its release date remains a mystery and its fate on PS5 and Xbox Series X is also unclear as, when it was first announced, it was confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One. It seems likely at this point that it will be another cross-gen title when it arrives. Perhaps the most promising insight into how far along the game is in its development comes from Xbox’s Phil Spencer, who said in a recent interview with GameSpot that he has seen and played “quite a bit” of the game, without giving much more than that away.

As a result of the dearth of news, Elden Ring has become a game with a fan base that’s hungry for news. Directed by Dark Souls and Bloodborne’s Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game is being created in collaboration with A Song of Ice and Fire author George R. R. Martin. These two names alone have set expectations for the action-RPG soaring, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that FromSoftware is keeping its cards close to its chest until the time is exactly right. 

Emma Boyle

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