now eliminates the most painful aspect of your meetings Transcription
(Image credit: has released a major update for its AI-powered meeting collaboration and note-taking tool which helps simplify scheduling for hybrid workers.

When designing the new Otter, the company did so with business professionals who need to run from one meeting to the next while juggling multiple projects across various teams in mind. To that end, the new Otter streamlines communication for smarter, more collaborative and more productive meetings by using conversational AI to turn them into actionable workflow. has also redesigned Otter's home feed to serve as a one-stop shop for both meetings and post-meeting actions. From the home feed, users can easily access their shared conversations, highlights and comments, tagged action items and stored notes.

For those that have connected calendar apps like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook with Otter, they can directly join meetings from their calendar and schedule Otter Assistant to join a meeting for them as well as capture and share meeting notes with participants. The calendar can also be used to retrieve meeting notes from meetings you were unable to attend.

Meeting Gems and Automatic Outline

While Otter's meeting notes have always been helpful, now users and their teams can turn meetings into actionable workflow by using the new Meetings Gems panel.

Meeting Gems can also be generated directly from meetings by highlighting snippets within notes. However, users can even capture action items, decisions and other key moments from their meetings and then use the Meeting Gems panel to assign action items to coworkers, add comments, or ask a question, all with a single click.

Otter Business users can also test out's new Automatic Outline feature which is now in beta. The company's proprietary AI automatically creates a meeting summary that is curated and displayed in the Outline panel so users and their colleagues can easily access a summary of what was discussed in a meeting.

At the same time, users can add a meeting slide or any other image presented in a meeting directly to Otter notes for fast, easy, visual references.

Co-Founder and CEO of, Sam Liang provided further insight on the new Otter in a blog post, saying:

“We all spend too much time in meetings and I am really excited about the power of AI to make meetings more productive. The new Otter makes meeting collaboration easier and faster - making it an essential tool for business teams looking to improve their communication in today’s hybrid, in-person, and virtual meetings.” 

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