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The speech to text company has updated its Google Chrome extension to make it easier to add meeting notes directly to Google Calendar invites.

Now the company's users can click on the “Add Otter Meeting Notes” button when using its extension to provide additional information when using video conferencing software.

With this new feature, OtterBasic, Pro and Business plan users will be able to easily send Otter meeting note links ahead of time to help facilitate collaboration between a meeting's host and participants. This can also help boost productivity as users won't have to scramble to share the Otter link once a meeting begins.

Otter Chrome Extension

The ability to add meeting notes directly to Google Calendar invites is the latest enhancement to the Otter Chrome Extension which first launched back in January.'s Google Chrome extension now allows users to add Otter meeting notes to any Google Calendar invite and this feature works with all major video conferencing platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Cisco Webex.

Co-founder and CEO of, Sam Lian explained in a press release how this launch highlights the company's continued efforts to make Otter easier to use, saying:

“As Otter becomes an essential tool for an increasing number of professionals, we want to ensure Otter is easy to use for any type of professional taking meetings both in-office and at home.” 

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