OnePlus just confirmed its new smartwatch specs in the silliest way ever

OnePlus Nord Watch
(Image credit: OnePlus)

OnePlus likes to use a slow tease schedule to reveal information about its new devices, but this has seemingly backfired in the case of the upcoming Nord Watch.

On its Indian-region website, the company set up a page for this anticipated budget smartwatch. This page includes some teases for the watch, as well as a schedule of when we can expect future ones, with September 24 pegged for display refresh rate information and September 26 promising fitness information.

However, one other aspect of the website has given away the game early. That's because the page hosts a quiz, letting you guess the specs for the device in order to win the watch... and one particular question makes the answers completely clear.

The fifth and final question of the quiz asks you "What are the major features of the OnePlus Nord Watch?", with each of the four possible answers listing certain combinations of specs for the watch. Hopefully, when the device launches, we'll find out which is correct.


OnePlus Nord Watch quiz questions

Here you can see the quiz question in question. (Image credit: OnePlus)

Wrong. You don't need to be Sherlock to deduce which is correct. That's because OnePlus has already confirmed that the device will have a 45mm AMOLED screen, and only one of the multi-choice answers has this as an option.

So now, by looking at this answer, we can find out other pieces of information about the OnePlus Nord Watch. It'll have a 60Hz refresh rate, 105 fitness modes, 'Women Health Feature' (an oddly clinical way of referring to cycle tracking), and a 10-day battery life.

Analysis: an odd self-leak

This information was supposed to come out over a week of teases, but this multi-choice question has spilled the beans.

That steals the thunder from OnePlus' marketing push, but we're okay with that – the company's habit of doing this can be tiring for fans who just want to find out about an upcoming product.

There are still things we need to learn about the device. What are those 105 fitness modes? What is the strap made of? How much will it cost? But this is all information that will likely be reserved for a launch event and isn't the fare we'd normally hear in OnePlus' tease cycle.

Maybe the company will change up its pre-launch hype machine to give us some information that it hasn't already accidentally confirmed but it's more likely that the OnePlus will simply spend a week confirming specs it's already told us about. In that case, it may be worth ignoring the next week of news from the brand.

Oh well, if the OnePlus Nord Watch ends up on our list of the best cheap smartwatches, it'll have been worth it in the end.

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