Nvidia’s rumored GTX 1070 Ti specs could scare the pants off AMD

Evidence is mounting that Nvidia is intending to bring out a new faster ‘Ti’ spin on its GTX 1070 graphics card to better compete with AMD’s latest GPUs – specifically the RX Vega 56 in this case – and some alleged specs have now been leaked.

According to a source spotted by Wccftech.com, the rumored GTX 1070 Ti cranks things up to near-GTX 1080 levels, purportedly boasting 2,432 CUDA cores – almost as many as the 1080 which has 2,560, and far more than the vanilla 1070 which runs with 1,920 cores.

It will also allegedly have the same base clock speed as the GTX 1080, namely 1607MHz, although the boost clock will be equal to the vanilla GTX 1070 at 1683MHz.

The main difference between the GTX 1070 Ti and the GTX 1080, aside from 128 fewer CUDA cores, is that it will seemingly run with slower GDDR5 memory as opposed to GDDR5X (giving a memory speed of 8Gbps compared to 11Gbps).

In practical terms, though, that might not make a massive difference, and if this speculation is on the money, Nvidia’s 1070 Ti is looking like a compelling competitor, with the source claiming it will cost $70 (around £50, AU$90) less than the GTX 1080.

That means it will retail for $430 (around £320, AU$540), with an alleged launch date of the end of October; around Halloween time, no less.

Image credit: Hexus

Image credit: Hexus

Horror spoof

Although this is pretty specific info, it obviously needs to be taken with a pinch of the white stuff – although the evidence and rumors surrounding a potential GTX 1070 Ti are getting more convincing by the day.

As Hexus reports, GPU manufacturer Gigabyte has recently dropped some not-so-subtle hints on Facebook regarding the allegedly incoming card.

The firm posted an image taking off Stephen King’s big horror film ‘It’, reversing the letters to read ‘Ti’, with accompanying text which read: “Ti will get you too... eventually.” The horror motif also seems to point to a Halloween reveal.

So will it be knives out for AMD come the end of next month? As ever, only time will tell, but at this point, the evidence for the 1070 Ti is looking compelling to say the least.

  • Hopefully we’ll see some great deals on GPUs come Black Friday

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