Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti launch date leaked – along with some bad news

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A new Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti leak has emerged, bringing both good and bad news for people looking forward to Team Green’s next super-powerful graphics card.

The good news is that it looks like The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is finally going to launch on March 29, which isn’t too far away at all. We last saw the RTX 3090 Ti way back at the start of January, when Nvidia gave us a quick glimpse during its CES 2022 keynote, along with a promise that we’d learn more about it later in the month.

However, the silence since then suggested Nvidia had delayed the GPU due to some undisclosed issues (though rumors suggested it could be due to issues with the GDDR6X memory used in the GPU). 

But, as Videocardz reports, someone has seemingly leaked Nvidia’s launch plans for the RTX 3090 Ti, with the company apparently announcing the release date of the GPU, and it hitting store shelves, on the same day: March 29.

This is good news for anyone who’d been worrying that the RTX 3090 Ti had been secretly cancelled – after all, we could very likely see next generation RTX 4000 series GPUs later this year, possibly making the RTX 3090 Ti redundant, especially if there’s a more powerful RTX 4090 in the works.

Before you get too excited, though, this leak – which hasn’t been confirmed, so take with a pinch of salt – also means buyers will have a tricky decision to make.

Analysis: Nvidia could force a difficult choice for prospective RTX 3090 Ti buyers

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The leak states that March 29 is going to be a very busy day, as not only is Nvidia apparently launching the GPU and putting it on store shelves, but it also says that reviews are going live that day as well.

This has us concerned for a few reasons. The first is that sometimes companies hold off reviews until launch day if they are worried about the critical reception, whereas those come out well in advance show a level of confidence in the product.

Of course, there's no suggestion Nvidia is launching the RTX 3090 Ti the same time as reviews go live because it’s worried about how it’ll fare with critics. 

After all, Nvidia’s recent GPUs have all been well reviewed, so unless it comes at an extremely high price, and without the performance uptick to justify it, Nvidia probably isn’t too concerned - but it is running out of time before the RTX 4000 series likely appears later this year.

As with previous graphics cards, we expect stock to be low - especially for such a niche graphics card. It’s likely to sell out incredibly fast, so prospective buyers will need to put their order in as soon as the 3090 Ti cards go on sale, which won’t give time to read any reviews.

The RTX 3090 Ti is expected to be a very expensive GPU, and whenever you plan on making a purchase of this size, you should always make sure you do as much research as possible, including reading a range of reviews, to make sure you want to buy. 

By having the review embargo lift at the same time as the GPUs go on sale, this won’t be possible.

Of course, you could order the GPU, read the reviews and hopefully have time to cancel the order if you’re disappointed, but that’s a bit of a gamble, especially with such a potentially-expensive GPU.

We just hope that the RTX 3090 Ti will be worth the wait, so anyone buying one won’t be left disappointed.

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