Now you only need one password for everything thanks to TalkTalk

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Great'll only need to remember one password in future, thanks to the new Password Manager TalkTalk is now including as part of its SuperSafe Boost app with all broadband deals.

The app will store all your logins and passwords so account access is simple while you only use one password, and it's all kept super safe thanks to a TalkTalk and F-Secure team-up.

The app will automatically populate login details so that you don't need to remember or even input your information. You simply need to remember one master password to keep all the others secure. The advantage here is that all the passwords are generated by the app, meaning you get super secure passwords as well as greater ease. These login details work across Mac, iOS, Android and Windows.

Stay safe with your broadband deal

Phil Amy, commercial & product director at TalkTalk, said: "We’re committed to providing our customers with the very best online security, that’s why we’ve enhanced our SuperSafe Boost with protection for even more devices and added our new Password Manager app. With the convenience of only having to remember one secure password, we’ve made it even easier for our customers to stay safe online."

And TalkTalk's broadband deals are really reasonable, too. They start at a mere £17.95 per month. But by far its better value offers are on fibre, where you can get it for a very affordable £22.45 or upgrade all the way to its super speedy 67Mb fibre for only £24.95.

The SuperSafe Boost app features include antivirus, anti-theft, browsing and banking protection. There are also parental controls to keep children safe from inappropriate content, to manage their screen-time and control what apps they can install.

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