No Time To Die may need reshoots so it can include modern Nokia smartphones

No Time To Die
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The next James Bond movie - No Time To Die - has been delayed so much that it's currently scheduled to come out almost two years after its original release date, and a new rumor suggests it may need reshoots to include new product placement such as its Nokia phones.

The film franchise previously teased a partnership with HMD Global, the company that makes modern Nokia devices, but by the time the film is released it'll be using older devices, such as the Nokia 8.3 5G.

TechRadar spoke to one of the film's stars Lashana Lynch in 2020 who confirmed the film featured the Nokia 8.3 5G, Nokia 7.2 and a classic Nokia 3310. That may no longer be the case when the film is released, though, as industry insiders report there may be reshoots to replace product placement.

According to industry sources speaking to The Sun - a British newspaper that has a good track record of leaks relating to the James Bond film franchise - some of the product placement is outdated in the film itself.

The source said, "By the time the movie comes out now it will look like Daniel Craig and all of the other cast members are carrying something that has been out for ages. 

"That isn’t really the point of these deals. The big tech firms want the stars to have all the new up-and-coming products to help promote them and sell them to fans. It means some of the scenes are going to have to be very carefully edited and looked at to bring things up to date.”

A PureView to a Kill

That doesn't specifically cite HMD Global as one of the brands, but it's well known that the company has a product placement deal attached to No Time To Die so it may be that Nokia devices are set for this treatment.

Other brands featured in the film include Omega watches and Adidas trainers. 

An interesting element to this story is that Nokia hasn't released another flagship phone to takeover from the Nokia 8.3 5G, so it may be the company uses an upcoming handset in the film itself.

It may be that the producers of Bond are looking at other product placement in the movie for the reshoots, or it could just be that the film comes out with James Bond using a slightly older smartphone that many fans aren't likely to pick up on. We probably won't know for sure until October 2021 when the film is now scheduled to be released.

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