New Surface Pro firmware brings Windows 10 S support, but why?

Would you buy a Surface Pro device running Windows 10 S? We only ask because Microsoft has issued new firmware for its latest tablet explicitly supporting the new operating system.

Released on August 12, the new firmware patches the Surface Pro with four key Intel driver updates, all of which directly cite support for Windows 10 S.

Furthermore, these are the only changes found within the firmware update, making it only more suspicious that Microsoft is up to something. Why would a device that ships only with Windows 10 Pro be receiving hardware drivers that work with Windows 10 S?

Surface Pro meets Windows 10 S

The most logical conclusion here – i.e. the only one we can come up with – is that Microsoft is laying the groundwork for an eventual version of the Surface Pro paired with Windows 10 S.

While we’ve had little evidence from which to draw that conclusion, there stands little other reason for a device to be updated with firmware for an OS it doesn’t currently use. We can’t find much reason in Microsoft offering a “Switch to Windows 10 S” option on Surface Pro, because few would leap for that.

With Windows 10 S giving teachers greater access to their student’s devices, coupled with strong Back to School deals on Surface Pro 4, it makes sense for Microsoft to push the classroom-edition of Windows on a potentially better-selling device.

So, what we’re left with is the first inkling of a Surface Pro device running Windows 10 S, but next to nothing else suggesting such a move. So, would you buy a Surface Pro for – one would hope – a bit less cash if it meant a more secured OS? You might be able to vote with your dollar soon enough.

Via Windows Central

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