New iPad Air could come alongside iPhone 12 and Apple Watch 6

iPad Air
The iPad Air (Image credit: TechRadar)

The end-of-year event from Apple typically brings us the company's next smartphone and smartwatch - this year the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch 6 - but there are sometimes iPads shown off as well. 

That could be the case this year, as we've heard the new iPad Air 4 might get revealed. This news comes from Bloomberg, which published a report detailing all the tech Apple could unveil at its event based on sources close to the business.

This launch event may not be in its usual early-September space this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One of these products is expected to be a new iPad Air, with an 'edge-to-edge iPad Pro-like screen'. As the iPad Pros don't actually have edge-to-edge displays, we'd take this more to mean the large bezel and physical button of the iPad Air 3 have been dropped.

We've heard a few other things about the new iPad Air, which you can read about in our iPad Air 4 hub which collates them all. However, the Bloomberg report suggests there might actually be even more surprises coming alongside the iPhone.

New Apple audio tech

According to Bloomberg, Apple could launch the iPhone 12 alongside Apple's first pair of over-ear headphones that don't come with the Beats branding.

A smaller-sized Apple HomePod could also get unveiled, although the report seems less sure of that.

Current rumors suggest there are four different iPhone 12 models expected to be launched (and six, according to some voices, if you count 4G and 5G models as different). So Apple fans are going to get their fill when the event happens.

We're not sure when that will be, but we'd expect we'd have seen the new Apple products by the end of October. When the event's date is revealed we'll let you know, so stay tuned to TechRadar for all the latest.

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