New Amazon Photos ends the worst thing about photo cloud storage apps

Redesigned Amazon Photos Android app in action
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon has launched a redesigned Amazon Photos Android app that streamlines search and share functions - and makes it less awkward to use with one hand.

The popular Google Photos alternative, which offers subscribers unlimited high-resolution photo cloud storage, now sports a more user-friendly interface and simplified icons for smarter navigation. And the new UI finally strips out one of the worst aspects of many cloud storage apps: endless scrolling back in time. 

According to Amazon, “you can use just your thumb to search your photo gallery by objects, places, or years. No more having to scroll back in time - it’s all within thumb’s reach.”

What’s new in Amazon Photos? 

The overdue facelift comes shortly after the company added Amazon Music to Prime in a bid to strengthen its Prime subscription package. 

If the previous iteration had an issue, it was its dated interface, taking inspiration from Google Photos without offering anything unique. So, improved UI/UX is top priority in Amazon’s updated photo storage and sharing app

The main photo gallery sees the biggest overhaul. Galleries are now easier to access and manage, with a filtering system placed to the bottom of the screen for finding pictures faster. 

To the top of the screen, users will now find the floating Smile icon for checking account settings, including auto-save and image recognition features, print tools, and remaining storage. It’s from here Fire TV and Echo Show owners will now cast photos to their TV, too. A Paper Aeroplane has also been added, letting users privately share images and videos. 

iOS users may feel a vague sense of deja vu here; the new UI mirrors the iPhone version, released in January 2022. The updated Amazon Photos Android app is available from Google Play and rolling out to existing users now - although it’s yet to reach all territories yet. 

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