Netflix's most-watched title is a nature documentary

Our Planet
Image Credit: Netflix

With so many high-profile shows, movies and animated series on Netflix, who'd have thought that a nature documentary would beat all of the competition?

Netflix UK has released its first-ever top 10 list of titles streamed on the service, and it appears that the UK's favorite Netflix title is none other than Our Planet: an eight-part miniseries narrated by David Attenborough.

Our Planet landed on Netflix UK in early April, and has managed to take the number one spot over gangster movie The Highwaymen (#4) and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (#9).

You can see the full list below, though the Twitter post also revealed the most watched series, and most watched reality shows – with Bear Gryll's You Vs Wild taking the top spot for the latter. Lists were organized by how many viewers watched at least 70% of one title or episode.

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Top 10 every week

The list marks a change for Netflix, which is traditionally quiet over its viewer numbers for each title, preferring not to invite outside discussion on its decisions to cancel or renew particular titles (Sense8, anyone?).

We reported on Netflix's plans to roll out top 10 lists previously, and it looks like Netflix will be doing the same every week on Wednesdays going forward. The lists will appear on Netflix's Twitter feeds, though they'll also be appearing in some format on the Netflix platform itself. 

We think it's likely to see a 'Top 10' row of titles you can scroll through horizontally, like other categories on the home page – and could even possibly replace Netflix's 'Popular' category for a more targeted list.

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