Netflix is making a Pokémon TV show – and it looks absolutely gorgeous

Screenshot of the official art for Netflix's Pokémon Concierge TV show
Pokémon Concierge is being developed by acclaimed animation company dwarf studios. (Image credit: Netflix/The Pokémon Company)

Netflix has announced that it's teamed up with The Pokémon Company to make a brand-new Pokémon TV show.

Revealed as part of Pokémon Day, which is celebrated annually on February 27, the world's best streaming service announced Pokémon Concierge, a stop-motion animated series that'll debut on its platform at some point.

The announcement was accompanied by a 30-second teaser trailer, which shows fan-favorite Pokémon Psyduck waddling along a sun-lit beach as a voiceover – from series protagonist Haru – hints at the show's premise. And, we don't know about you, but we've already fallen in love with Pokémon Concierge's unique aesthetic, which appears to be claymation-inspired.

Check out the trailer for the forthcoming Netflix show below:

In a press release, Netflix gave a brief description about what the show will be about. "Expanding the Pokémon world, the story follows Haru, a concierge at the Pokémon Resort, and her interactions with Pokémon and their owners who visit as guests."

Okay, that's not a lot to go on, but it sounds like Pokémon Concierge will be the perfect summer getaway for all Pokémon fans, no matter where they live in the world. With its beautiful animation style and calming tone, we wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being used as a stand-in for people's meditation practises and/or penchant for ASMR. 

If we get to check in with legendary Pokémon characters, such as Ash Ketchum and Pikachu – the pair will no longer front Pokémon's main TV show after Ash finally achieved his dream of being a Pokémon master – Pokémon Concierge will only delight us further.

Little else is known about Pokémon Concierge, but dwarf studios – a Japan-based animation studio, whose work includes stop-motion shows based on Domo-Kun and Komaneko – is leading development on the TV series.

Unsurprisingly, no release date has been announced yet. The teaser simply states the series is "coming soon". Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long until we can visit the resort, albeit from the comfort of our own homes. Don't be surprised if it makes its way onto our best Netflix shows list once it's released, either.

In a statement released as part of Netflix's press release, Minyoung Kim, Vice President of Netflix Content in Asia, said: "Netflix is looking forward to delighting fans in Japan and around the world with Pokémon Concierge, an entirely new visual and storytelling experience featuring ground-breaking stop-motion animation set in the Pokémon world in close collaboration with The Pokémon Company.

"We’re also excited to reveal this new series on Pokémon Day and provide fans with even more things to look forward to on this special holiday celebrating the popular franchise."

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