Need help with home schooling? The BBC has 14 weeks of lessons for all school years

(Image credit: BBC)

If you need help with home schooling, the BBC has just launched a free daily lessons service which boasts 14 weeks worth of classes with input from over 200 teachers.

The launch of BBC Bitesize Daily offers a suite of educational materials for virtual learning, with curriculum-relevant classes delivered across BBC iPlayer, Red Button, the BBC Bitesize website and app, BBC Four and BBC Sounds.

There are daily lessons for homeschooling in Maths and English for every year group – while the BBC says there will be regular lessons for Science, History, Geography and more coming too.

The Bitesize Daily lessons – of which there will be six 20-minute programs each day – are aimed at 5-14 year olds, with the shows split into age groups 5-7 years, 7-9 years, 9-11 years, 11- 12, 12-13 years and 13-14 years. Programs will be available from 9am every week day.

The BBC Bitesize website also has material split into three core age categories; Primary (for ages 3 to 11), Secondary (for ages 11 to 16) and Post-16 (for those over 16), ensuring all school-aged kids are catered for.

Famous faces

It's not just a huge number of teachers who have go involved with the new Bitesize Daily service, as some famous faces have also been pulled up to teach some classes.

Children will be able to learn Spanish with Manchester City footballer Sergio Aguero, Professor Brian Cox will lead science lessons, and Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker will be dropping into Bitesize Daily lessons.

The BBC say its service "is aimed at minimising disruption to children's education and providing rhythm and routine in these challenging times." We hope it helps children and parents alike.

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