Mozilla lets anyone experiment with social VR in new web browsing Hubs

Mozilla Hubs gif

Mozilla is pushing virtual reality (VR) forward with the launch of its social "Hubs by Mozilla" platform. 

It aims to offer social spaces in VR where users can easily gather with as few barriers to entry as possible. The Hubs are now in testing and open to anyone. 

VR continues its steady march into the mainstream, with tons of great VR games available and just about any new smartphone offering some level of VR support. 

Now, Mozilla wants to offer a way for VR users to congregate in a social space without needing to worry about having the same VR headset or digging through an app store and installing extra software. 

The Hubs are browser-based and accessed simply through URLs. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive users can access Hubs just the same as Google Cardboard users can. Users with just a computer or mobile phone can join in, too, even without a VR headset of their own.

The Hubs seem like they'll be starting at a fairly basic level, with pre-crafted environments and a lack of custom avatars. 

They aren't likely to dazzle in the same way many of the best VR games can. But, Mozilla has plans for the future. New tools and features are planned for the coming months, including the tools needed to create custom VR spaces, edit avatars, and integrate the experience with other communication tools. 

If you're interested in testing it out, you can access the Hubs here.

Mark Knapp

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