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Motorola's next cheap phone is said to come with a surprisingly high-res camera

Moto E6s
Moto E6s (Image credit: Future)

Smartphones need to be certified to launch in various countries, but the certification companies often publish information on handsets ahead of their release, which can clue us in to upcoming devices. That's just happened with a new Motorola phone, which has been spotted on certification websites from several different groups.

As reported by MySmartPrice, between these certification sites we can see a lot of new information on the upcoming Motorola phone. Apparently its codename is Motorola Capri, but judging by the specs we'll probably see it launch as a Moto E-series phone, perhaps the Moto E8 or E8 Plus.

The Moto E series of smartphones is the brand's most affordable line of devices, retailing for rather low prices and offering phones for people who care about dependability over top specs. We'll run you through the leaked specs now so you can see if this potential upcoming phone might be for you. 

Motorola Capri specs

According to the certification documents, the Motorola Capri will have a big 5,000mAh battery but rather slow 10W charging, the latter of which suggests the device could have a micro USB port.

The phone is also slated to have a 48MP main camera, which is surprisingly high-res for a cheap phone, though it's worth pointing out 'high resolution' doesn't equal 'good at photography'. There are apparently three auxiliary rear cameras, likely including a macro and depth-sensing snapper (though the certification doesn't specify).

Apparently the Motorola Capri has a Snapdragon 460 processor, a fairly low-end chipset that probably won't make for a very fast phone, along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. That chipset also suggests the phone won't be 5G-compatible.

Finally, the screen resolution is said to be 1600 x 720, which is about average for an affordable phone.

We don't know much about when this phone could come along or how much it could cost, but seeing as how Motorola's product launch strategy is just 'surprise everyone with an unexpected press release at random intervals', it'd be hard to say.

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