Moov’s heart rate sensor puts your head in the game

The heart rate sensors embedded into wrist-worn wearables can’t be trusted to provide reliable readings. Why not? Your skin is too thick, and the constant movement makes miscalculation easier than not. So, what if you put a heart rate monitor on your head?

That’s the question Moov is posing – and its answer is the Moov HR. This standalone heart rate sensor matches the design of its Moov Now wearable – even bringing its waterproof ability along for the ride – and gathers cardio intel directly from your temple. 

Lauded for its unique motivational coaching system, Moov will now be looping your heart rate into workouts. So, in addition to maintaining proper posture while running, staying in your targeted heart rate zone will surely work wonders for those looking to get in peak shape.

A look inside

Moov HR will provide constant passive heart rate readings during workouts, and supports high intensity interval training (HIIT). If you don’t have a Moov Now, Moov states that it will work with some third-party apps, but with less robust functionality.

The sensor is said to last up to a week under normal conditions before needing a recharge, and can last for up to six hours of continuous use.

Moov is offering a few bundles for Moov HR, including a sweatband that's suited to most workout activities, such as biking, running and competitive cup stacking. You can also opt for the swim cap bundle, which is, you know, ideal for swimmers.

The pre-order phase for Moov HR has begun, and it's currently going for a special rate of about $55 (£45, about AU$70) until it launches for about $90 (£75, about AU$120).

Cameron Faulkner

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