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New pics of the BlackBerry Javelin and Kickstart

The Javelin (centre) and the Kickstart (right)
The Javelin (centre) and the Kickstart (right)

Research in Motion, makers of the BlackBerry series, might not have officially announced the new Javelin and Kickstart handsets, but more spy pics have emerged to offer new info on the devices.

The Kickstart is likely to be released ahead of the Javelin under the name of BlackBerry Pearl 8220, and will mark RIM's first foray into the clamshell market.

The early price for the handset in the Canadian market is rumoured to be around £80, but with a prison sentence-like three year contract.

Throwing a Javelin

It should pack a 2MP camera with 80MBG of internal memory and a full QWERTY keyboard in the flip chassis, with an external display to know who you're opening you handset to (or who might have emailed you).

The Javelin, placed cleverly next to the recently released Bold in the photo to show off how sleek it is, is meant to be the media-centric device from the Canadians.

Featuring a 3.2MP camera (wow) and hi-res display, along with the usual WiFi and GPS gubbins, this is the handset that RIM hopes will lure the more style-conscious BlackBerry-er away from the lure of Apple.

We still don't have a release date for either of these little numbers yet, but whenever spy pics appear this frequently it's generally only a few months away, so keep you eyes peeled.